Our story

The SBWA is a registered charity (No. 1056856) and was set up in 1992 to support the  Somali and Bravanese community, many of whom have escaped war and persecution in Somalia. Our community experience all the difficulties of a largely refugee and immigrant community; language and cultural orientation, problems in accessing training and employment, and cultural and religious isolation, particularly among the women of the community.

We have run after school sessions and a weekend after school classes, training for women and business startup initiatives, as well as a wide range of advice and support services.

In 2013 a suspected arson attack on our premises brought their work to a halt. Appropriate temporary accommodation had been difficult to find and the morale and confidence of the community was low. Support from the whole of the local area has been wonderful and greatly appreciated, and the commitment by the local authority to rebuild the Centre has been a great comfort.

After more than eight years, the promise of a new centre for the Bravanese is  a reality. We have moved into the recently completed, new building, Tarling Road Community Hub on the former site of the Old Barn Community Centre in East Finchley.

The purpose of our organsation is to provide a service to various age groups in the form of different varieties for the Somali and Bravanese people. In doing so, we aim to improve the quality of life for this community and support them to achieve more whilst breaking down barriers.

We aim to help solve the many social ills that plague not only our community, but the greater north London community as a whole. This ranges from breaking language barriers, providing financial and housing advice, to providing youth education and entertainment facilities.

Our Mission and Vision

Our aims and objectives

To improve the quality of life of Bravanese community members by seeking to address their welfare needs.

To facilitate the integration of Bravanese community members, promote and provide avenues for increasing active participation into mainstream society. 

To promote Bravanese cultural identity and preserve their socio-cultural heritage.