Our partners

We are proud to have collaborated with Mama youth project on our recent summer camp.

We are proud to be a partner and member of SFI who have helped develop our educational facilities.

We are proud friends of Finchley Reform Synagogue who supported us in our darkest hours following an arson attack in 2013

We are proud to work with GLL who help run our yoga and swimming sessions. We also worked with them on our summer camp.

We work with the Barnet council to help provide services for our members in the borough of barnet.

We are proud members of Citizens UK and are very happy with the connections and friendships we have built as a result.

We are proud to have worked with The Young Barnet Foundation to run our summer program to support our local youth.

Our Subsidiaries

Arrahma School is our institution that is catered towards providing a quality education and upbringing for our local youth.

Loxford College London is one of our institutions that is catered towards providing education for adults and school leavers to help them prosper in whichever field they choose to study.