What We Do

Children’s Education

We offer classes and activities for children for their educational progression including Mathematics and English classes.

Employment Advice and Training


For the adults we provide training programs for specific jobs and also English and Math courses to help them develop skills to find a job and gain the ability to complete basic tasks.

Community Development


Here we particularly try to strive for integration creating organizational connections, including holding events for both inter-faith and everyone considering togetherness.



We offer short classes that issue information on health courses specific to the age and gender group including women and the elderly. Our aim is to help tackle issues such as diabetes and obesity by educating people on various health issues and risks.


Housing and Financial support

The UK Housing crises is one of the biggest problems facing British Society. In the case of adults with difficulties concerning financing and housing issues, we deliver personal advice and assistance on their pursuits especially considering those with language barriers.


Children’s Recreation

SBWA regularly organizes sporting activities for the children studying with us in order to strike a balance with work and play as well as for the benefit to keep benefit. We usually have regular football sessions and occasional sessions for Karate and much more.

reopening Somali Bravanese centre after six years

Sheikh Abdirashid Sheikh Ali Sufi attend the reopen Somali Bravanese centre 6 years

Sheikh Abdirashid Sheikh Ali Sufi attend the reopen Somali Bravanese centre six years. sheikh opened the event with  recitation of Qur’an Al Kareem

faith minister Lord Younger cut the ribbon

reopen Somali Bravanese centre six years after arson
faith minister Lord Younger cut the ribbon to formally open the facility in East Finchley, telling guests: “What sends the greatest message that hate won’t win are events like today.”

Former Barnet Council leader Richard Cornelius

Former Barnet Council leader Richard Cornelius, who was thanked for helping to bring about the new centre, joked that he’d “never been bounced into spending £1m so easily” following a campaign for funding for the new centre. He said the building is a symbol that something “even better” can come out of tragedy

Adrian Usher, head of policing Parliament

Former Barnet police commander Adrian Asher attend the reopening Somali Bravanese centre six years. He recalled how the attack in the days after the murder of Lee Rigby could have been the “spark” for widespread troubles in the capital. The fact it wasn’t had nothing to do with the police, he said, but rather was down to the fact local communities refused to be torn apart. “It was an extraordinary few days,” he added.

Asmaa Mohamed Ali SBWA Director addressing the event

Asmaa Mohamed Ali Director of SBWA welcoming the guests and thanking them for their support and opening the new centre. 

She also hailed the new centre as a mark of community cooperation and the struggle to unite together in times of adversity.

Rabbi Miriam Berger addressing the event

I remember going to iftars in the synagogue where the local rabbi Laura opened her doors to Muslims and others and we made the point during those iftars that where else in the world would you have an example of the Jewish community working so closely with the Muslim community? I just wish other cities around the world would learn some of the lessons from our city.”