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Social activities and sports

Sometimes you can have just too much time on your hands, or you feel like you need a short break from your hectic schedule. Maybe you just want some coordinated exercise with nice people.

We provide a number of social activities and sports for adults to help your health and mental state


Sports and social activity

Women's Yoga

Yoga allows one’s body to relax and open up from the physical stresses of everyday life.

Women's Swimming

Swimming is great exercise and life skill that gets the whole body working and burning calories. 

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a great and easy way to exercise and allow the brain to relax.

Walking Groups

Walking is very simple, we provide a platform for people to walk together to socialise and relax.

Self Defence Classes

We provide a platform for the community to socialise whilst doing beneficial activities to improve their health.

Book Club

Reading is a great skill and exercise of the mind. However, it can be difficult to find the motivation to read sometimes. Having a club to read with can inspire one to read.

Community Lunch

Food is an amazing way to discuss and socialise, meet new people, and try new cuisines.

Breakfast Sessions

Breakfast is the most ‘important’ meal of the day. Having it with other people is a great bonding experience.

Afternoon Tea

Tea and Coffee are a great way to help relax at the end of a long day. Share this relaxation with the greater community.