Youth Activities

Youth Activities

Enriching the youth

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Through running different programs, we enrich the youth by teaching them skills and helping them mature in order to serve the community in the future.

Development activities

Youth Mentoring

Having a guiding hand to help younger children is an amazing too


Debating helps keep the mind fresh. It also allows a safe space for the youth to discuss current affairs in a healthy manner.

Media Program

A creative mind without the right tools and skills is wasted. Our media program allows students to learn camera work, editing skills, and to harness their creativity


Navigating the world of politics can be tricky. We aim to help students understand politics better and become the representative of tommorow.


Teaching the youth fiscal responsibility at an early age is important in establishing these principles.

First Aid

First aid skills are of extreme importance. Knowing these skills can help minimise harm.


The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Our leadership program will help mature and guide future leaders.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is often described as a difficult skill to learn. We aim to help the youth overcome this barrier.


We help coach and advise the youth in employment related issues to help them succeed in the future.